Next Generation of Roping [Video]

Next Generation of Roping  [Video]

While many children lay in bed dreaming of the newest video game, or latest designer athletic shoe, some are actually focusing on their contribution to their community and society at large. These children are visionaries. They are the leaders of our next generation of entrepreneurs, scholars, doctors, scientist, and cowboys & cowgirls. They will eventually lead the pathway to the future. And it is our honor and duty to protect, teach, love and nurture them to greatness.

"I love my babies. They are the future. This is why I do what I do. To keep this story told. To make sure people know black cowboys and cowgirls exist. With tears in my eyes, I am so proud of Lindon. Mamas, LET your babies grow up to be cowboys."    -- Acynthia Villery

We would like to thank Acynthia Villery for bring this wonderful video to our attention. We truly appreciate her outstanding commitment to rodeoing, trail riding, and the youth.

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